The drive is Jampacked with Templates, Forms and informational documents on common law rights, how to protect them and remain outside of certain jurisdictions. NEED THAT PERFECT DOCUMENT?... and "WHALAA" watch the nasties go bye bye. It has powerful hard hitting documents that can help you in almost any arena, including tax help, foreclosure help, liens, levies, judgements, putting your car, home and other valuable assets in a private trust, LOCKED AWAY from greedy thugs that are trying to get them from you with fraudulent and bogus court actions. You can be wealthy but appear broke on paper. "Own nothing, but control everything.", get it?! Do it with the BEST FRIEND you've got, THE LAWFUL HELPMATE.

There are also hours upon hours of audios that help guide you along the way. Inside, you will find a collaboration of documents from retired judges, lawyers and public officials that are no longer on the public side, but the private side, that have provided information of what the law really is and to help you defeat blind justice. What if you could put these agencies "to sleep" with the power of paper? Learn the dirty little tricks the agencies hope you never discover.